Washington is waiting for you: choose a charter bus and set off for the trip

Washington is waiting for you: choose a charter bus and set off for the trip

Washington D.C is a marvelous place you need to visit at least once in your life. Vibrant, colorful and gorgeous like a radiant jewel it beckons people from the whole world with its ecstatic and arrogant beauty, so it’s hard to restrain from the temptation to feel the magic of the Nation’s capital on your own. Get lost in the crowd and let yourself forget about the anxieties and turmoils of everyday life by enjoying the numerous five-star restaurants, strolling lazily through the spectacular national parks or sipping coffee at the local cafes. If you prefer spending your time efficiently, pay a visit to the most remarkable historical places and feel the majesty of their unspeakable beauty.  

Undoubtedly, Washington is a perfect place to enrich your experience with fascinating emotions, but with the tricky highway labyrinths and continuous flow of the never-ending traffic, you can easily find yourself standing in the long row of vehicles, which may be quite unpleasant while having a tour. So, if you don’t have a desire to waste your trip on irritation and negative emotions, there’s a better option to make your first travel to Washington D.C mesmerizing. Forget about the common inconveniences, and rely on the bus rental service. It’ll take care of the travelers’ comfort providing them with a charter bus of a high level. 

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Enjoying Washington with Comfort and Pleasure

No wonder, that charter bus trips become so highly popular nowadays, as you can get to any beloved tourist destination from New York (NYC) and enjoy the spirit of joyful adventure. Apart from that, there’re lots of advantages, so consider them while choosing the mean of transport to travel:


  • Safe and secure trip. Bus rental services put lots of effort to satisfy the needs of their clients and make journeys through the country as safe as possible. You’ll be provided with a qualified and highly experienced driver, so the chance to get into the accident or find yourself in the broken transport reduces to a minimum. Besides, the entry to the bus is limited what means, that you won’t come across some unwanted guests. 
  • Affordability. Generally, traveling by bus may help you to save a considerable amount of money. Traveling with a group allows you to share transportation expenses with other people making the trip less expensive. So, you can spend saved money on shopping in Washington D.C.
  • Flexibility. One of the greatest features of the bus rental services, is total freedom in choosing the most convenient schedule, route and place. You just need to decide the day you would like to set off and think about the most suitable time. These are the only things you should be bothered with. 
  • Delightful trip. Despite the fact, that some people may find a charter bus trip extremely tiresome and boring that isn’t so. Usually, charter buses include a wide range of amenities allowing to endure even the longest trip. You may have a nap in the convenient cushion seats, watch your favorite movie or, if necessary, charge your devices. Almost all the buses are equipped with air conditioning, so going to Washington in hot seasons won’t be less pleasant. 


Washington D.C: a Place for Art Addicts 

If you’ve never been to Washington, you need to change that. This magnificent place is so majestic, that it’ll leave you breathless from astonishment, especially if you’re keen on art. Don’t miss your chance to visit Kennedy Centre, America’s remarkable memorial. Every year, performers from the different parts of America come here, to share their artistic vision with people, so if classical music or ballet is your passion, this place is a must for you. Moreover, Washington is home for the thousands of venues, where you can feel the groove of the real jazz, blues or rock music and discover loads of the creative musicians. 

Washington is a repository of the vast variety of the world-famous museums. With the diversity of galleries, the Smithsonian Institution museums are the biggest ones. Also, among the most popular tourist attractions, there’s the National Gallery of Art as well as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Top Places to See in Washington 

It goes without saying, that Washington is the heart of America and while taking a trip to this stunning city, don’t forget to visit the most celebrated attraction to see for yourself. 

  • The National Mall. Explicitly picturesque scenery with the notable Washington Monument in the center makes this place a must-stop for any tourist.
  • Georgetown and the Waterfront. Walk along the cozy streets of Georgetown Waterfront, and find yourself sipping coffee and  enjoying the breathtaking view.
  • Lincoln Memorial. Take a photo near the well-known memorial, a tribute to the 16th president of America. 


If you want to get an unforgettable experience and fully enjoy the beauty of Washington a charter bus trip is something you need.