Main reasons to travel by bus with the charter bus company Comfort Express

Main reasons to travel by bus with the charter bus company Comfort Express

Its no secret that traveling by plane has for a long time remained the most preferred mode of travel. However, the situation has changed recently, and flying has started losing its popularity. While increasing delays and long security lines have been a rare thing in the past, recently they have become an indispensable part of each flight. If we add to this increased fuel prices and, as a result, high fares, we'll get a clear picture of why travelers start losing their trust in airlines.

For quite a long period a bus was struggling to occupy a stable niche in the market, because of the enhanced comfort, cheaper fares and extended routes it can become a perfect substitute for the other means of transportation.

Here are some reasons to take the bus:

It is cheap
Most of the airlines today offer generally low fares at the expense of some passenger services, but even in this case, its nowhere close to buses.
Typically, cheap buses circulate around the town but getting a longer route has been quite problematic. Recently, getting out the city became possible, as the low-cost buses have significantly extended their route coverage. Now you can be transported from where you are to any destination, whether your journey lies in or out of the country.

It can save time
It is a general belief that the bus is too slow. Well, compared to the airplane it is, but if you exclude the travel time to and from the airport, indirect routes, connection times and layovers, the time saved would be insignificant. For sure, you can avoid all these inconveniences with a bus, at least if you travel to a nearby city.

It is reliable
Every day, rain or shine, the bus will continue driving under any condition. You may rest assured that the bus will not be canceled whether it is showing or storming outside the window. The drivers know their routes well, so there is little chance that the bus will not come on time.

It has Wi-Fi
The bus lines take steps to become more technical and comfortable. Since recently it has become possible even to use free Wi-Fi on the board. Just pay the fare and stay online whenever you need.

It is Flexible
Charter bus companies in New York City offer flexibility with their tickets. You can reserve a route and use it on a later date, for which there is availability. Or you may change your reservation on the day before departure at only 1$ or so. The drivers are usually also more loyal to the baggage allowances, which is not the case on the plane.
So, why not leave all these safety concerns, increasing prices and scheduling issues behind and turn our attention to this old, traditional and safe mode of transportation such as a bus? 

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